Who Is George Kittle's Wife Claire Kittle

Who Is George Kittle’s Wife? He’s Married to Claire Kittle!

Introduction: As NFL enthusiasts immerse themselves in the thrilling playoffs, the spotlight falls on San Francisco 49ers’ dynamic tight end, George Kittle. Amidst the touchdowns and tackles, fans are curious about his off-field endeavors, particularly his love life. The answer? He’s happily married to the charming Claire!

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George and Claire’s love story began on the campus of the University of Iowa. Both student-athletes, George excelled in football, while Claire showcased her talents on the women’s basketball team. The sparks of their romance ignited during their college years, creating a strong foundation for their future together.

In 2018, the 30-year-old NFL star took a significant step in their relationship. Choosing the picturesque Twin Lakes State Beach in Santa Cruz, California, George got down on one knee and proposed to Claire. This romantic gesture set the stage for the next chapter in their love story.

The couple wasted no time in sealing their commitment. On April 9, 2019, George and Claire surprised fans by eloping. Reports uncovered a wedding registry in their names for March 27, 2020, suggesting the duo couldn’t wait to officially tie the knot. The element of surprise added an extra layer of excitement to their already enchanting love story.

Claire, an avid supporter, can often be spotted at 49ers games, passionately cheering on her husband. Her presence adds a personal touch to the NFL experience, and fans can catch glimpses of her stylish game-day ensembles by following her on Instagram. For a front-row seat to Claire’s game day fashion and the couple’s journey, a follow on Instagram is a must!

As the NFL playoffs unfold, George Kittle not only shines on the field but also in the realm of love with his wife, Claire. Their story, from college sweethearts to elopement, adds a touch of romance to the competitive spirit of football. Here’s wishing George and the 49ers the best of luck in their playoff journey!

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