MobileX Jumpstarts Profile with X Games

MobileX Jumpstarts Profile with X Games: A Leap into Wireless Excitement

MobileX is making waves as the exclusive wireless carrier partner at this year’s X Games in Aspen, Colorado, where extreme athletes from around the globe will gather to showcase their talents. The move aligns seamlessly with MobileX’s previous ventures, including sponsorships with NASCAR driver Brodie Kotstecki and a history rooted in the adventurous world of extreme sports.

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Founded by Petter Adderton, who also played a pivotal role in establishing the Boost brand in Australia, MobileX officially entered the wireless scene just a year ago. Despite its relative newcomer status, MobileX has quickly made its mark, utilizing Verizon’s network and implementing artificial intelligence (AI) to offer substantial savings on data usage.

Adderton, the CEO of MobileX, reminisces about Boost’s successful sponsorship of the X Games in Aspen years ago. Now, with MobileX, he sees the X Games as a perfect fit for the brand, emphasizing the values of expression, freedom, and creativity that resonate with their mission.

In an industry often perceived as mundane, Adderton aims to inject excitement into the mobile game, drawing parallels to the buzz created in 2002 when hip-hop artists endorsed the Boost brand. He believes the traditional mobile carrier mentality resembles a “country club” culture, and MobileX is determined to break that mold.

As the official wireless carrier partner, MobileX’s presence will be prominent in commercials and signage during the X Games coverage on ESPN/ABC, Twitch, and YouTube. While the exact sponsorship amount remains undisclosed, Adderton emphasizes the focus on building a brand that genuinely connects with customers.

MobileX’s distribution strategy includes a significant partnership with Walmart, where the service is set to roll out in approximately 3,700 stores nationwide and on The brand already enjoys a presence in many Walmart stores and anticipates full coverage in the coming weeks.

Adderton acknowledges the challenges MobileX faced during its beta launch in 2022, admitting it was initially a “disaster.” However, he asserts that significant improvements have been made, positioning MobileX as a far more advanced platform today. Despite a unique activation process for iPhones, MobileX remains a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) service, with plans to offer unlocked devices in the future.

Notably, MobileX plans to stay out of the handset subsidy business, encouraging customers to bring their unlocked devices to any service provider of their choice. The company is also gearing up to collaborate with independent wireless dealers, promising to inject new energy into the space. For more details on this front, Adderton urges everyone to “stay tuned.”

In conclusion, MobileX’s strategic alliance with the X Games and its innovative approach to the wireless market position it as a dynamic player in an otherwise conventional industry. As the brand continues to evolve, eyes are on MobileX to see how it will reshape the wireless experience for consumers.

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